We are specialists in decal.

The decal is a sheet of paper with a predisposition to detach once it is immersed in water and then to be applied on a surface. It must then be spatulated to eliminate water and residual air under it and adhere perfectly to the surface. Once dried, the appropriate film is removed to ensure that the decoration adheres, reducing the thickness of the decal to just the colors.
Compared to other decoration methods, it is cheaper for medium and large productions, guaranteeing final results with high quality standards.
Furthermore, due to its composition, the decal is able to adapt to curved surfaces without suffering stress that will alter the color or size, as can happen with car wrapping adhesives.
The decal is mainly made with screen printing techniques and has the particularity of allowing the use of extremely bright, opaque, metallic or chromed colors (thanks to our ChromeTech technology), fluorescent and pigments enriched with glitter up to diamond dust.
The decal can be applied to any plastic, metal, glass or composite fiber surface without any particular porosity which compromises its water and air leakage.

We make stickers of every size and with every reproducible graphic

We make screen, digital, resined and pre-spaced stickers.
Screen printing adhesives: suitable for large productions
Digital stickers: suitable for small productions
Resin adhesives: adhesives with final application in resin which in addition to giving protection from UV rays makes it take on a transparent three-dimensional thickness that enhances its brilliance and chromatism.
Prespaced stickers: stickers made up of several letters and / or drawings separated from each other and perfectly aligned which are mainly used for window stickers and commercial writing, for example on shop windows or company vehicles.