With our technologies we achieve spectacular decorations on complex-shaped objects without the use of airbrush or body shop painting.

We are an artistic screen printing company specializing in the printing and production of custom decals to decorate, in the industrial field, objects of various shapes and materials.

Furniture & Design

Our designers devote energy, passion, and talent to the design and elaboration of decorations, designing solutions that are often found to be astounding in their brilliance.

  • Collaboration with architects and interior designers for customized solutions
  • Projects ranging from classic to contemporary
  • Adaptability for commercial, residential and office spaces


SP International is the leading player in motorcycle helmet decals, consolidating its leadership by adopting cutting-edge technologies and its own patents.

  • Proprietary technologies for unattainable durability and style
  • Collaboration with the industry’s leading brands
  • Customization options for teams and riders
    Solutions for a wide range of helmet models and styles

Sports and Leisure

The expertise gained over many years in the motorcycle industry has also led us to investigate other sports sectors where decals and stickers find applications such as cycling.

  • Weather and wear-resistant products
  • Versatility in solutions for a variety of sports
  • Collaborations with athletes and teams to achieve the perfect design


Surfing the waves of innovation, our precision screen printing brings to life surfboards that also ride design trends, ensuring unique and eye-catching customization every time.

  • Absolute resistance to salt water and UV rays.
  • Collaboration with professional surfers for incredible designs.
  • Full customization from shortboard to longboard.


With our advanced screen printing, each appliance becomes a functional work of art. Uniqueness is found in the details, and we make sure each piece shines with character.

  • Exclusive collaborations with renowned global brands
  • Cutting-edge technologies to ensure precise and durable decorations
  • Art meets function: beyond mere aesthetics

Industrial Custom Graphics

Our team takes industrial graphics to another level, offering custom graphic solutions that enhance functionality without compromising aesthetics. Each project becomes a masterpiece of precision and style.

  • Art meets industry with exacting standards
  • Tailored solutions for every project
  • Design and style without sacrificing efficiency

Research & innovation

  • Continuous Innovation: We are constantly exploring new areas and fields, bringing screen printing excellence with us.
  • From Theory to Practice: Every idea is explored, prototyped and tested to make sure it meets our high standards.
  • Global Collaborations: Our network extends internationally, ensuring that we can meet specific needs in various industries.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication is constant, and is reflected in every project, large or small.



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